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Karaoke player with a huge collection of songs
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Plays karaoke songs. Comes with offline syncing capabilities and dual screen support. The tool contains a collection of over 27,000 songs and saves a history of the ones you've already sung.

KaraFun Player can let you sing the lyrics along with their musical background, what is widely known as karaoke. The tool has multiple modules, including lyrics and playlists. It supports various types of files commonly associated with karaoke, such as KAR, CDG, and KOK. It has even its own format, KFN, which can store metadata, lyrics, images and sound in a single file. Likewise, it allows playing other common audio and video file extensions. Moreover, you can create playlists by importing individual files and complete folders.

The tool lets you control the way lyrics are shown on the screen. Luckily, it supports using two different screens, one to control the application and the other to show the lyrics. It is also possible to assign the desired preset and background to each song. Additionally, song playback can be modified in real time. For instance, you can change the pitch and the tempo. In addition, there are separate volume handles for general sound, vocals, and lead. Finally, it lets you record the singer’s voice as well.

In my opinion, this program has the limitation of not allowing to filter out the original singer’s voice, which would adapt any song file to karaoke purposes. However, it is certainly among the best applications of its type. This product is freeware and has an associated online service from where you can access more than 16 thousand songs. However, you can only preview those songs until you pay for a subscription.

Pedro Castro
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  • Dual display mode
  • Fully customizable lyrics mode
  • Wide format support
  • Real-time playback modification


  • Paid access to online songs
  • No vocal remover
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