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A complete karaoke application that features a very large online song library
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If you are one of those persons who love singing at a karaoke party, KaraFun Player might be the right app for you. The interesting thing about KaraFun Player is that it provides you with access to an online library of literally thousands of songs organized by genre. However, you can also save your favourite songs on your hard drive, to keep enjoying the karaoke fun even when you are offline.

Thanks to a simple and intuitive user interface, you will be capable of starting using KaraFun Player on your own as soon as you install the program. Besides, there are several online tutorial videos available, in case you prefer to watch them first. The program allows you to select your preferred genre/category on a special panel, and then the corresponding songs are displayed on a second panel. After that, you can select a song and play it back, add it to the play queue, or add it to a playlist. Finally, there is a third panel where you can see a background animation and the corresponding highlighted subtitles.

The program provides you with controls to play back a song, pause, and forward it. You can also adjust the general volume level as well as the volume levels of the vocals and the lead. Besides, while your song is playing, you can increase or decrease the key and tempo values at your choice. KaraFun Player allows you to watch the background animation of your song in three ways – in the playing panel mentioned above, in a separate and bigger window, or in full-screen mode. Moreover, you have the chance to filter both the genre and the song lists. And, to top it all off, the program can also open and play back audio and video files in some of the most popular formats, so KaraFun Player can also act as a basic media player.

Summing up, KaraFun Player is a great karaoke application, and, in my opinion, it is a must-have for any karaoke lover. This free program offers you all the functionality you find in any professional karaoke and gives you free access to thousands of songs for all tastes.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very intuitive and easy to use.
  • Provides you with free access to an online library with thousands of songs.
  • Allows you to increase/decrease the key and tempo values of your playing song.
  • Can act as a basic media player


  • Its user interface's visual design needs some updating
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